Welcome to the Marist Young Adult Program. We offer online and in person opportunities for young adults to explore their Christian faith. We invite you to explore this site to find out more about us and about our spiritual, social and service activities.


The Campaign

On October 28, 1817, Marcellin Champagnat met a dying young man named Jean-Baptiste Montagne who was ignorant of his faith. Moved by this experience, Marcellin knew that he could no longer keep calm; he resolved to found the Marist Brothers to evangelize the young, especially the most neglected. In that spirit, the MYA Program launched its campaign, “I Can’t Keep Calm, I’m Marist,” to tell the Montagne story, to challenge others to respond to events which disturb them, and to raise funds for Educate for Change – a non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities to impoverished secondary school students in Gulu, Uganda.

MYA Blog

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